Helping enterprises maximise the value of data clouds

Google Cloud and El Reg team up to deliver unique resource centre providing research, practical advice and white papers

Sponsored Post Data clouds deliver a host of potentially compelling advantages to organisations of all sizes in terms of improving the availability, integration, portability and security of enterprise data. To be effective these infrastructures must be configured from multiple components, but there is no one-size-fits all and you certainly cannot just pick up one off the shelf.

In order to help navigate the complex landscape of components and capabilities that make up the data cloud ecosystem, Google and The Register have created Dream Build and Transform with Google Cloud, a one-stop-shop filled with premium research, whitepapers, ebooks and advice.

This new Google/El Reg collaboration features a library of tailored resources explaining how digital innovators can step up efforts to engineer data clouds to reduce data fragmentation and so maximise the full commercial value of their data. It describes how data clouds have the potential to make it easier for enterprises to unify data and connect to it, and explains how organisations can better harness data to drive transformation and value creation. In addition, the Google Cloud toolkit details how the creation of tailored data clouds can meet specific businesses requirements and so realise required commercial objectives.

Part of this new selection of tailored resources is Google's 2023 Data and AI trends report produced in collaboration with research company IDC. It categorises five key data and artificial intelligence trends in the IT industry today, noting how technology is evolving more rapidly than any other period in history to the point where IT professionals are "managing more change – than any generation before you."

Expanding on this theme the Google data cloud online resource centre also features the September 2023 Harvard Business Review study, Transforming Data into Business Value with Analytics & AI, which reiterates the vital, and fast-increasing role, that data, analytics and AI have to play in creating business success. Another of the many technical and advisory papers included in this Google/El Reg library is the ebook, Make Data and AI Work for You, which explains how AI can help companies to rapidly drive profitability by improving process efficiencies and reimagining growth strategies.

It's evident that considerable business benefits can be achieved through the implementation of data clouds, but it's equally clear that successful roll outs require expert support throughout their deployment lifecycles. This is exactly why has teamed up with Google to deliver this comprehensive online resource centre to help enterprises maximise the value of these bespoke, multifaceted – but potentially game-changing - architectures.

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