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A new collaboration between The Register and Google delivers a host of tools and info

Sponsored Post Digital transformation programmes allow global enterprises to fundamentally change and enhance business processes and unlock new opportunities. Properly executed, they can deliver dramatically improved operational efficiency and increased revenue. What's more, the momentum behind them is ramping up rapidly.

So to help enterprises solve the toughest challenges associated with these complex implementations, Google has partnered with to create Acclerate Your Digital Transformation, a new set of premium resources designed to deliver practical advice and information.

The scale of the opportunity is little short of mind boggling: a Grand View Research report, Digital Transformation Market Size, Share & Trends, estimates that the overall spend on digital transformation programmes in 2023 will be a more than respectable $880.28 billion. But, sifting through the technology runes, the authors of the report predict that this spend is going to go through the roof to hit $4,617.78 billion in 2030. That's a whopping annual spending increase of 26.7 percent from 2023 to 2030.

It's clear that barrow-loads of cash are being thrown at digital transformation. But even so, successful strategies require a sophisticated blend of interrelated technologies including – fore and foremost – cloud (public, private, hybrid), Artificial Intelligence (AI), cyber security, Business Intelligence (BI) and big data analytics.

The Google/ collaboration is designed to address this complexity and provide practical help to expedite digital transformation initiatives. It features Google Cloud's whitepaper, 6 smart choices that will impact your modern cloud application strategy which dives into key challenges IT leaders face and offers guidance on how to solve them.

This eguide shows how to create modern multi cloud application strategies that multiply growth using the technology you already have, without cutting corners or compromising security. Google also details the three actions enterprise IT leaders can take to Improve Software Supply Chain Security and so shut off one of the most dangerous sources of cyberattack currently threatening enterprises.

An additional asset is the latest version of the DORA report, which has been produced for the last eight years with input from 33,000 tech pros worldwide, The study, which includes a special focus on security, offers advice on DevOps practices that drive successful software delivery and boost operational performance.

Whether your enterprise is just setting out on its digital transformation journey, or is already en route, Google's premium resources published in partnership with has everything you need to navigate the road to success.

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